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Explore some of Scotland's growing industries and find the career that's right for you.

2 Male farmers standing in a field

Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Discover opportunities to feed the country through sustainable food production.

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Female scientist working in lab looking at test sample

Chemical sciences

Join the industry that makes life-saving drugs and fuels of the future.

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1 male and 1 female in hi-vis jackets and safety helmets looking at laptop

Construction and built environment

Learn about this thriving industry, which lies at the heart of Scotland's economy.

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Male looking at designs


Got big ideas? Put them into practice as a producer, sound engineer or designer.

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Male working on a laptop

Digital technologies

Build modern skills that'll make sure you're permanently in demand.

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2 males in hi-vis vests at windfarm


Find your place in the energy industry – one of Scotland's biggest economic assets.

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Female engineer with ear defenders working with tools

Engineering and manufacturing

Engineers are creative and hands on. They design, create, test and improve products.

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Female looking over document with calculator

Financial services

This diverse industry offers jobs from accountants, to IT staff and marketing officers.

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Male chef working in the kitchen serving food on a plate

Food and drink

Scotland's food and drink is known and loved across the world. Be part of it!

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Two workers surveying a building site wearing hard hats and reflective vests.


As more industries switch to low carbon models, every job has the potential to become greener. Our Green Jobs Workforce Academy will show you what makes an industry 'green'.

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A female doctor with patient


If you thrive on helping others, a career in this industry is a natural choice.

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Female scientist in lab writing

Life sciences

Scotland is at the global forefront of life sciences. Discover how you can get into the industry.

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Woman talking to teenage girl

Social care

Are you passionate about caring for others? Working in social care lets you make a difference.

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Female pointing


Build Scotland's international reputation and build an amazing career for yourself.

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Male in safety hat looking out truck window


Help run our country by delivering people and products to where they're needed.

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