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Kickstart your career with an apprenticeship

Work for an employer and earn a valuable industry-recognised qualification.

What is an apprenticeship?

Choosing an apprenticeship helps you learn by ‘doing’.

As an apprentice, you work for an employer, study and get a qualification. The qualifications range from National 4/5 and Higher level to degree level.

Apprenticeships are ‘work-based learning’. This is because you get training to develop new skills whilst on the job.

There’s a huge range of over 100 apprenticeship types, so there’s something to interest everyone!

Which apprenticeships can I do?

In Scotland, you can choose a Foundation, Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship. What you can do depends on your age and what stage of your education you’re at.

To discover which apprenticeship is right for you, apprenticeships.scot has everything you need.

I want to meet the people. I want to pick their brains. I want to learn everything about the job and be the best at it. And for that, an apprenticeship was the only way forward.Viktoryia ParkhamovichEngineering Modern Apprentice, GE Caledonian
Viktoryia Parkhamovich - Modern Apprentice 2023

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