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Primary teacher support

Use our fun online tools to bring career education into your classroom.

Give your pupils a flying start on their career journey with My World of Work.

Your pupils do not need an account to use our tools and explore the site. This means it’s easier than ever for you to use our career resources in class.

Brought to you by Skills Development Scotland, My World of Work will help your pupils build skills, discover more about themselves and learn about the amazing jobs they could do when they’re older.

At this stage, young people’s career education is all about having discussions. Start using our online tools as the building blocks to some interactive lessons.

Go wild with our Animal Me quiz


Animal Me will help your pupils explore their personality and strengths. Once young people know more about themselves, you can chat to them about jobs which may suit them.

At the end of the quiz, each pupil will be aligned to an animal. Your class of big cats, birds or aquatic creatures will have great fun comparing their new animal personalities with each other.

Try Animal Me

Top tips to maximise Animal Me

  1. Do some research. Before starting Animal Me, it’s a good idea to read The Buzz. It’s written by David Hodgson, who we worked with to create our tool. The Buzz goes into more detail about each animal’s unique characteristics.
  2. Set the scene. Explain to your class that they’re about to delve into their own personality. It’s helpful to give young people context. So, make sure they know that Animal Me will help them choose subjects at high school and explore careers in the future.
  3. Break the ice. Use an activity to show your pupils that everyone’s different, and that’s okay. As an icebreaker, you could ask them to throw/catch a ball with opposite hands or test which way people prefer to fold their arms. Our unique personalities mean we all have preferences – but that’s what Animal Me celebrates!
  4. Keep the chat going. After Animal Me, speak to your pupils about their personality types. Then, think about how everyone can work together get the best out of each other around the classroom.

Let your pupils write their own Skills Story

Primary school support/Skills Story

Meet Samara – your skills guide! Using a tablet or computer, your pupils will help her navigate different journeys over land and sea.

Young people will learn about three new skills during Samara’s adventures: creativity, leading and adapting.

We know your pupils are only at the start of their career journey. But it’s never too early to learn about skills they could develop.

With Samara, young people will:

  • lead a team of sea cadets to safety from a whirlpool off the west coast of Scotland
  • create a solution to a burst dam which is causing havoc in a nearby valley
  • help a small Scottish island adapt after a dramatic volcanic eruption

Try Skills Story


article-image-640x360 skillscraft

Developed within Minecraft Education, this new resource takes primary and secondary pupils on a journey through famous Scottish landmarks.

Each of our three activities contains information about emerging areas of the Scottish economy including space technology, renewable energy, and sustainable construction.

Your pupils can play games and explore careers in exciting industries, all whilst developing meta-skills and knowledge about the world of work.

View our full range of Skillscraft teacher materials.

What jobs excite your pupils?


Chinese philosopher Confucius famously said: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Your pupils can do any job they want when they grow up, and we can help them find out what they'd love to do.

To explore what your class would enjoy, check out our range of bite-sized job profile videos. Recorded especially for primary school pupils, each clip shows someone who chose a career they love and now thrives at work.

View primary job profiles